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How to connect the Gomada bot with Slack?

We have a highly engaging Gomada Slack Bot ready for you to keep your team connected!

How to connect Gomada with Slack?

It's done in less than 2 minutes. Here is how.

Access your Gomada Dashboard
On your profile menu, click "Slack integration"

A sidebar opens on the right hand side. Click 'Connect Gomada to Slack now'

Select the correct Slack workspace and choose the Slack channel to which you want to add the bot. Click 'Allow'.

The Gomada Slack Bot will send a short welcome message in the channel and work without additional stops.

Note that the bot will stop working automatically once your trial period expired.

You do not have Slack, but use another tool for your daily communication? Let us know here and we will evaluate to create this bot for other platforms.

What are example questions from the Gomada Slack Bot?
How to remove the Gomada bot from my Slack channel or assign it to a new channel?
What happens after my free trial?

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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