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I manage multiple teams. Do I need to create multiple accounts?

Are a People & Culture Manager or simply leading multiple teams and wonder how to manage that with Gomada?
We are currently working on a proper team management feature. his will allow you manage multiple teams very easy. Stay tuned!

For now, you have the following options.

One account: Create one account and decide for each session which team members you would like to invite. The benefit is that you will not get confused with multiple logins, but it is slightly more effort to always replace the emails of the people you would like to invite to the next session. Furthermore, the team insighst will be blended across all members and are not separated by team.

Multiple accounts: You can use different email addresses to create multiple accounts. This way, you can clearly distinguish the different teams and have it easier when scheduling activities and the team insights are more relevant for each specific team. The downside is that you regularly need to switch (logon / logoff) between the different accounts.

Assign team owners: Another way is to ask a team member to act as Gomada team owner and to manage the team account. The benefits are that you can share ownership and the responsibility with someone from your team and don't need to take care yourself. The drawback is that you rely on your colleague to share the team insights with you.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions or if you want to share your requirements for the new team management feature with us at
We are looking forward to this new functionality!

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Updated on: 30/11/2022

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