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Overview of Gomada activities

Each of our activity has an impact on one relationship dimension. To learn more about the dimensions at Gomada, read this article.


Guess What

A-quiz-based activity to get to know each other better on a personal level. Learn more here!

Crystal Ball

Another quiz-activity to learn more about your colleagues wants and wishes for their future. Learn more here.

Holiday Spirit

A fun exchange on your end of year likes and traditions with your colleagues.


Ups & Downs

A trivia-like activity to understand what cheers everyone at work up or what brings them down. Learn more here.

Memorable Moments

An engaging reflection with your team on your joint wins and learnings of the previous year. Learn more here.


1:1s have direct impact on your connection with your colleagues - your team familiarity. Learn more here.


Appreciation Shower

This activity is about recognition. A guided session which gives a boost to your employee motivation. Learn more here.


Work Buddy

A trivia-like activity to get to know your colleagues' work preferences better. Learn more here.

Random Fairytales

A super fun activity where you can get creative! It is like the gartic phone activity with a Gomada touch! Learn more here.

Communication Master

A practical exercise to improve your communication skills in order to express yourself more clearly. Learn more here.

Dimension: Relationship
What are the team dimensions?
Dimension: Personal Growth

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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