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What are the team dimensions?

The overarching goal of Gomada is to improve team engagement for remote and hybrid organizations!

EngagementMotivation of employees to stay committed to the team and organizational goals in order to do their best at work. The engagement score in Gomada is driven by four main underlying dimensions: relationships, satisfaction, wellbeing and personal growth.

Therefore, we looked together with the Coventry University at what are the main drivers for engagement.

RelationshipsMeasures how well the team members are related to their team, their workplace, and work. This includes familiarity, trust, recognition and collaboration as sub-dimensions.
SatisfactionIt defines the level of contentment the team feels with their job. This goes beyond their daily duties and covers satisfaction with team members, managers, the organization, values, and impact on the personal life. Job satisfaction is a core driver for employee motivation and retention.
WellbeingWorkplace wellbeing is any combination of holistic workplace characteristics that support healthy behavior in the workplace, improve health outcomes, and strengthen workplace culture. High scores have a positive impact on several aspects, such as improved productivity, retention, collaboration, mental health, and engagement.
Personal growthDevelopment of employees to produce better results and meet their goals. It covers how well employees are supported in development opportunities within the workplace. High personal growth scores correlated with high motivation and performance.

Our vision at Gomada is to drive impact. All dimensions are important yet "Relationships" is the most important dimension for remote and hybrid teams that will lead to more engagement. That is why Gomada has a strong focus on relationships which covers very important elements as team familiarity, trust, recognition and team collaboration. We measure all dimensions as they have an important impact on engagement and you should always have the full picture across all dimensions.

Dimension: Relationship
Dimension: Satisfaction
Dimension: Wellbeing
Dimension: Personal Growth
Which team insights can I see in Gomada?

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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