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What is my journey? And how is it built?

Our goal at Gomada is to make your life easier! We do that by proactively recommending the most relevant activities for your team based on the insights we generate based on the actions your perform.
Gomada recommends a sequence of activities that strengthen team relationships and boost engagement. All managers have to do is schedule sessions and show up.

How do you determine what's the right journey for my team?

We have developed an algorithm that creates a personalized journey for you based on the insights that you have shared with us. The algorithm takes into account:
The dimensions where you have the biggest potential to improve further
The type of activity and which activities you have already completed
Special occasions, eg. adding specific end-of-year activities to your journey

Note that the more insights we have about your team, the better Gomada can suggest the activity journey that fits best for you. The longer you use Gomada, the better recommendations you will get

This is an example what your journey can look like:

Experience shows that playing "Guess What" is a great way to start your journey to get to know each other better.
If you want to dive deeper and leave a session with the feeling of happiness we recommend "Appreciation Shower".
And if you just want to have a round of fun run "Random Fairytales" together.

Here you find an overview of all activities across all dimensions:

Can I change an activity and adjust my journey?
How often shall I run a session?
Overview of all activities

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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