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What is the Gomada Slack bot? Example questions and more

Keep your team connected with the Gomada bot. Our Slack bot will send engaging questions and prompts to your preferred Slack channel to encourage your team members to interact and check-in with one another.

The Slack bot will help you and your team to:
understand the current mood of your co-workers
connect with each other about non-work-related topics
start conversations about work challenges
take short wellbeing breaks away from your laptop
and more

To get started, simply invite the Gomada Bot to join your Slack. See instructions here.

Example questions and prompts by the Gomada Bot

You don't believe that increases engagement? Just try it and see for yourself with no effort...

You are not using Slack or cannot install the Gomada bot for any other reason? Let us know here if you are using another tool for your daily communication or simply chat to us and we'll let you know once we add our bot to other services as well!

How to connect the Gomada bot with Slack?
How to remove the Gomada bot from my Slack channel or assign it to a new channel?

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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