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Which team insights can I see in Gomada?

Gomada is measuring and analyzing information provided by your team members. The data is related to the four dimensions of engagement.

In the dashboard the team owner can see the following insights:
Your team scores in the relationship dimensions: Familiarity | Trust | Recognition | Collaboration
The average score of all active teams on Gomada as a benchmark
Indication if your team is amongst the top teams in Gomada

All insights are measured on a score from 1 to 5.
1 - Needs to be improved
5 - Very good

When diving deeper, you can also see the overall engagement dimensions:
Personal growth

You can also see these insights on a timeline to see your team development. Read on here to learn how metrics are being calculated.

What are the team dimensions?
How are metrics calculated?

Updated on: 24/02/2023

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