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Who should create a Gomada account?

Gomada is built for everyone operating in a team. Whether you are in a private company, startup, NGO or any other association, Gomada is the right fit for you, especially when working in a hybrid or remote setup.

The majority of people who are the creating a Gomada account have the following job titles or roles:
Team lead, team manager
C-level or director (of smaller organizations)
People & culture manager
HR manager
Personal or team assistants
Project managers

The Gomada account owner has more options than the other team member. The following is only available to the owner role:
Access the dashboard and team insights
Schedule new activities and invite team members
Adjust the team journey

We are currently working on a dashboard for team members and on advanced team management functionalities. Stay tuned!

Note that the owner role can currently not be changed. To achieve that, simply ask the person who should own the Gomada account to sign-up create their own account.

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Updated on: 30/11/2022

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